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We make it simple to invest in your future

Motivesting provides lifestyle financial analysis and planning
to help new and innovative investors achieve their financial goals.


Who is Motivesting

Motivesting is a personal investment firm designed specifically for people who are launching careers, beginning families or are skeptical of the “same old” traditional retirement investment programs. If you are a young professional, talk to us about your financial goals.

We’ll help you start planning for the rest of your life.


Why do I need
financial analysis and planning?

  • I just graduated from college and have no idea where to start!

  • What do I do with the 401K plan my employer offers? What funds do I choose?

  • I have a good-paying job, but I’m carrying too much debt, living paycheck to paycheck. How do I get past that?

  • I feel like more money is going into fees than into my account!

  • My favorite aunt just passed away and left me a little something. What the heck do I do with it? (Is a trip to Vegas trip an option?)

  • I met with my parents’ financial planner but felt talked over. Is that all there is?

  • I have been working with a financial advisor for a few years, but they never took the time to personalize the outcomes to cover my plans!

  • I want to buy a house/boat/jet ski/motorhome at some point. Where do I start?