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Investment Management and Consulting

Creating investment strategies to enable you to enjoy your financial lifestyle goals


We’ll help you

invest to achieve your financial goals.

  • Create investment strategies that enable you to enjoy your lifestyle goals without being overwhelming or cumbersome

  • Guidance you through different investment strategies–to help wade through the myriad of options

  • Provide solutions to tackle everyday problems – cash flow, debt management, risk analysis – and strategies to manage these issues

  • Offer value, dividend, and index investing tactics

  • Follow a Passive Investment Philosophy incorporating minimal active management only when it makes sense and compliments your strategy

  • Incorporate low expense funds (ETF’s, Mutual funds) to save you money

  • Leverage tax sensitive investments for taxable accounts and other less sensitive investments in qualified accounts (IRA, ROTH, 401k)

  • Incorporate individual stocks into a portfolio only when it makes sense and complements your personal strategy